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ACP88 8-channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate
One of our all-time most popular products, the ACP88 delivers the classic analog compression that..
ADL 600
  The ADL 600 is a high voltage two-channel microphone preamplifier designed by world-re..
PreSonus presents the ADL 700, a follow-up to the wildly successful ADL 600. Created in partnersh..
Audio-Technica’s stringent quality and consistency standards set the AT2020 apart from other mics..
AudioBox iTwo Studio
Everything you need for recording and producing Start recording today with this complete, all..
BlueTube DP V2
PreSonus’ popular Class A XMAX preamps are widely lauded for their clarity and transparency. Our ..
These are the 2nd generation of drum mics from Avantone and a great deal of R&D effort has cu..
Central Station PLUS
Central Station Plus You mostly monitor on near-fields, but occasionally switch to big main s..
Classic II
  Capture the warmth of a classic mic! To commemorate "15 Years of Classic Sound," R..
Cubase 7.5
Cubase 7.5 introduces a new generation of powerful music production tools Cubase 7.5 introduc..
Cubase Artist 7.5
Cubase Artist is the perfect choice for talented newcomers and seasoned musicians aspired to use ..
The Avantone “Cabernet (C-series)” mics are designed to offer true professional performance. They..
DigiMax D8
DigiMax D8 A high-quality microphone preamp can make all the difference in the sound of your ..
  Advanced new features. Better performance.  Better sound quality.   ..
Eureka The name “Eureka” derives from a Greek word meaning “I have found it!” It was made fam..