Please note that the warranty covers manufacturing defects only which does not include items such as batteries unless listed above under 'general information'.

Sonica's liability is limited to the cost of repair and/or replacement of product under warranty.

The warranty will be invalidated if the defects is caused by misuse or incorrect adjustment. The following cases will be also invalidated in warranty:

1. Unauthorized persons carry out any alterations and/or repairs.

2. For repair due to incorrect installation in your home.

3. For repair to any product where the serial number has been removed.

4. For repair to any product where the warranty has not been registered for the selected products.

5. Where any equipment not recommended by Sonica causes problems or damage that is attached to or used in connection with the product.


Warranty will be available for all products:

- 1 year limited warranty for any electronic products (unless the unit has a specified warranty duration)
- 3 months warranty with all other products that are not electronic. 

To obtain technical assistance or to book a service/repair to your product under warranty, please contact us at 03-7957 8155.

NOTE: Please have your model number, serial number and date of purchase ready when calling.


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