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DBM50 is the only choice when it comes to desktop monitoring.


From the handcrafted Dynaudio drivers to its beautiful exterior, DBM50 is specifically engineered to perfectly reproduce your desktop mix and truly represents a revolutionary new angle in desktop mixing.


From the innovative wave guide around the tweeter to the optional addition of the level controller that never compromises the allimportant level interrelationship between speakers, DBM50 is the perfect partner in situations where the only thing that counts is perfection.




Front baffle tilt for perfect desktop placement

Smooth HF waveguide securing optimal near field sweet-spot

Handcrafted drivers, legendary Dynaudio craftmanship

Perfect tracking Volume tabletop remote control (optional)

117dB SPL Peak power

1" High resolution soft dome tweeter

7.5" woofer extended excursion

2 channel 50 watt RMS power amplifier

Frequency response: 46Hz to 21kHz

HF, MF and LF room filtering

HP filtering for optimal subwoofer adaption

Auto standby mode

XLR balanced and single ended RCA input connectivity




Two-way Active Nearfield Monitor


Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB)
46 Hz - 21kHz


Max SPL 1m, pair (IEC Short Term)
117 dB peak


Max SPL 2m, 5.1 (IEC Short Term)


Input level for 85 dB SPL @1m (+4/-10)
80mV @ 0dB setting


Input level for max peak SPL (+4/-10)
-10dB: 4.8Vrms, 0dB: 1.5Vrms, +4dB: 1Vrms


Power consumption
Idle: 5.8 W / Max: 94 W


Amplifier power
Tweeter: 50 W / Woofer: 50 W


Resonance Frequency
39 Hz


Internal Cabinet Volume
13.9 liters


Bass Principle
Bass Reflex


Crossover Frequencies
1500 Hz


Crossover Slope
6 dB/oct


D-281 - 28 mm soft dome, rear chamber, magnetic fluid, 4mm aluminium front, Pure alu wire voice coil


180 mm/7.1", One-piece thermo formed MSP cone, 75mm/3" pure aluminum wire on kapton former


7.2 kg / 15,9 lbs


Dimensions (W x H x D)
230 x 348 x 335 mm / 9.1" x 13.7" x 13.2"


Highpass filters
60Hz, 80Hz, Off


High Pass' Switch
Flat: 25Hz, 2nd order / 60Hz: 60Hz, 2nd order / 80Hz: 80Hz, 2nd order


LF' Switch
+2: +2 dB low shelf 150Hz / 0: Flat / -2: -2 dB low shelf 150Hz


MF' Switch
0: Flat / -2: -2 dB notch 450Hz Q0,7 / -4: -4 dB notch 450Hz Q0,7


HF' Switch
+1: +1 dB high shelf 1,5kHz / 0: Flat / -1: -1 dB high shelf 1,5kHz

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