Symphony I/O

Symphony I/O
Symphony I/O Symphony I/O Symphony I/O
Brand: Apogee
Product Code: Multi Channel Audio Interface
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Ultimate sound quality 

Best Apogee interface ever
Symphony I/O is the result of Apogee’s 25 years of research and development, taking legendary sound quality to the next level.
Total flexibility: Built to grow with your studio
Modular design, flexible I/O and future-proof connectivity make Symphony I/O a long term sound investment.
Complete compatibility:
Audio Interface Mode (AIM)
With a simple selection on the front panel, AIM transforms Symphony I/O into an interface optimized for your studio.
Compose your Symphony:
Custom I/O configurations
With 6 available I/O Modules, you can choose from standard configurations or customize your own Symphony I/O.
Symphony I/O + MacBook Pro + Pro Tools 10
Connect Symphony I/O to a MacBook Pro with Retina display using a single USB cable, fire up Avid Pro Tools® 10, and you have the most modular, most flexible, and best sounding portable Pro Tools system available.


The best sounding Apogee converters and mic preamps ever

  • The culmination of 25 years of Apogee's design excellence and experience
  • Next generation converter quality
  • Refined and updated circuitry with fewer, more advanced components:
    • Fewer components means a shorter audio path and more recording clarity and transparency
    • Lower converter latency
    • More efficient power distribution
    • Big Ben built-in with enhanced C777 clocking performance
  • Optional mic preamp module
    • 8 Mic Preamps
    • 4 Hi-Z instrument inputs
    • 8 digitally assignable inserts
    • 85 dB of gain
  • Front panel control of headphone and output levels, and mic preamp gain (mic preamps optional)


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